How to Pick the Perfect Baby Name

Getting Started

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you embark on the name hunt. Where do you look first? Do you start on page one of a gigantic baby-name book -- or dive into the black hole of the Internet? Each is a daunting task in its own way, but don't panic. Before you pull out any reference materials, it might be best to do a brain dump.

Sit down and list every name you like, just off the top of your head. Have your partner do the same. Family names, obscure TV character names, names you've loved since seventh grade -- don't hold anything back. Who knows, your partner might like it, too. And then, the moment of truth: Is there any list overlap? If so, great! You're way ahead of the game. If not, don't get discouraged. Study your partner's list -- something there could strike your fancy. At best, you'll come away with a solid master list. At the least, it's a fun exercise, and you're starting a conversation.

On the next page, we'll give you a list of questions to ask about the names on your list. Before any name becomes THE name, it should pass these tests.

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