How to Choose a Day Care Provider

"A woman's place is in the House...and in the Senate" is a popular saying that grew out of the women's movement. Besides expressing a woman's right to work at any job she is qualified for, it connotes the choices women have today. The luckiest of career women who become mothers are those who can ask three questions: Should I go back to work or be an at-home mother for a few months or years? If I decide to go back to work, when is the best time -- how long should I wait? Should I return to my old job or type of work, or should I move on to something different? Unfortunately, not every woman has these options; economic necessity frequently forces a mother's return to her job the day after whatever maternity leave she is entitled to has ended. In this article, we will examine the process of choosing a day care provider. We will talk about the day care options available to working mothers and provide sensible guidelines to choosing the right day care provider for you and your family. All of this information is contained in the following sections:

  • Day Care OptionsNo one can tell you when it is the right time to go back to work or if you should go back to work at all. We will discuss this delicate decision from both sides of the equation. We will also investigate some of the cares and concerns parents should have when finding a day care provider.
  • Out-of-Home Day Care Though it might be hard at first, sometimes sending a child away can be the best thing for the family. In this section you will learn about day care centers and what you should look for when you visit a facility. We will also tell you about day care in a private home of a family member or friend, as well as some more general day care tips.
  • In-Home Day CarePossibly the most expensive option, in-home day care does offer a great deal of convenience and peace of mind. A nanny can almost become part of the family under the right circumstances. Next, we will talk about finding a babysitter for your baby, including what information you must leave with the sitter.

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