5 Ways to Enhance Your Baby's Motor Skills

Safety Tips

Now that your baby is moving around, it's essential that you provide him with safe places to play. Thoroughly babyproof your house and yard; this means protecting your baby from potential danger as well as safeguarding your valuables.

Your baby will begin climbing up stairs and furniture during this period as well. Unfortunately, most babies learn to climb up steps long before they're able to descend. You can try to teach your young one how to crawl down safely (feet first, on her tummy), but she'll still require supervision. Place a gate at the top of staircases, and another on the third or fourth step from the bottom (so your child can safely practice climbing on the bottom few steps). If the slats or spindles on a stair rail or landing are more than three inches apart, install Plexiglas or safety mesh so that baby won't fall through them.

One of the greatest joys a parent experiences is watching the wonder, frustration, and joy as their child moves through the various stages of development. Each stage is unique and wonderful. Enjoy and treasure these moments of discovery with baby!

Reporting by Jenny Friedman, PhD

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