5 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy at Daycare


Wash Your Hands

Do you know how to wash your hands? Soap, water and towel dry, right? Basically yes, but most of us are still doing it wrong. To properly wash your hands, you should use warm water and soap and scrub thoroughly (don't forget under those fingernails). Do this for about the amount of time it takes you to sing Happy Birthday.

How often? It depends. Of course, you should always wash your hands after changing a diaper or using the bathroom. Always wash your hands before eating or handling food. And while going about your daily work or business, keep an eye on what you touch and avoid putting your hands in mouth, nose and eyes.

Can't wash your hands? Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy -- as long as your hands aren't visibly dirty it'll do the trick.

And teach your kids the same habits. They're more likely to do it at daycare if they are used to the routine with you!