5 Things to Know: Picking Baby Names


Trendy vs. Unique

Trendy names come from many places, from most popular baby name lists to celebrity names to television. The name Emma, for example, landed in the top 10 baby names in 2002, which happened to be the same year Jennifer Aniston's character on "Friends" used it. In 2008, Emma ranked as No. 1 baby name for girls.

While some parents-to-be prefer popular, trendy names, wanting their child to fit in, others want to help their child stand out. Celebrity parents may be choosing Audio Science or Moxie Crimefighter but what about the rest of us who want something unique, yet not so outlandish? Step away from the random name generators and draw inspiration from something special to your family, something like a favorite vacation spot.

Some parents are also giving traditional names a twist. Ryan, Dylan and Alex are examples of traditional names for boys, except parents looking for something a little different are stealing them for the girls' camp. Just keep in mind that the child will endure your name choice a lot longer than some trends do.