5 First Year Challenges with Multiples

Challenge No. 3: Getting Around

"Leaving the house with more than one baby is not something that happens at the spur of the moment. It's an event," says Boyle. "Pack the car with everything you'll need the night before. Also get your babies' outfits set, and try to time your departure somewhere between feedings, diaper changes and naps." And if you can, keep a second diaper bag packed with all the essentials and leave it in your car for unexpected trips you may have to make.

Here are some tips that can help make adventures with your babies a little smoother:

  • Have a strategy for the pediatrician's office. The doctor's office will probably be the first place you venture out en masse, and you don't want to get stuck in the waiting room. Booking the doctor's first appointment of the day will put the odds in your favor. Also, many times you'll need to undress, re-dress, hold babies still, and even comfort them after shots. It can be overwhelming with just one baby, let alone multiples. So bring someone along to help you.
  • Choose "one-stop" stores that can meet all your needs if you'll be taking your infants shopping, says Sheryll Greatwood, co-author of Mothering Twins (Fireside) and the mom of twins. This way, you'll be most efficient with your shopping time and you'll only have to deal with getting in and out of the car once.
  • Avoid the grocery store. Hands down, food shopping will be the hardest thing to do with your infants. So why torture yourself? If you absolutely must take the babies along, try this setup: Wear one baby in a baby sling and place the other in his infant carrier, which should fit snugly over the shopping cart's child seat. Some exceptionally brave moms have even been known to wear two criss-crossed baby slings to the supermarket. Or, to avoid this scenario all together, look into grocery delivery services in your area. For a small fee, grocery stores will gather and deliver your supplies right to your door, usually within 24 hours.
  • Invest in a good stroller. "Look for a stroller that is quick and easy to set up and fold down, and be sure it is also sturdy and comfortable enough to hold growing children," says Greatwood. "A well-built, reliable twin stroller is not inexpensive, but it will save you the inevitable extra cost of having to replace a flimsy, poorly built one."

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