5 First Year Challenges with Multiples

Challenge No. 2: Combat Isolation

Let's face it: You can only spend so many days at home with your babies before you need to get out. Still, taking your infants anywhere there are crowds (a shopping mall, baby class, even a child's birthday party) is not advisable during the months of October through April. That's RSV season, which stands for respiratory syncytial virus. In infants and children born prematurely (35 weeks gestation or less), RSV can cause serious respiratory tract disease, and multiples are at an increased risk.

How can you safely change the scenery? "Talking walks in your neighborhood is a great option," suggests Boyle. "Plus, you're close enough to home that you can get back fast if the babies get fussy." You can also invite company to come to you - just a few people at a time. Insist that everyone wash their hands with soap before handling the babies, and reschedule anyone who shows signs of illness.

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