5 First Year Challenges with Multiples

Challenge No. 1: Postpartum Recovery

"Many mothers of multiples need physical therapy after delivery, and some may even need additional therapies or surgeries in order for their bodies to heal," says Maureen Doolan Boyle, a mother of triplets and executive director of MOST (Mothers of Supertwins) Inc., an international support network for families of multiples. "You also have to appreciate the possibility of postpartum depression. It's exceptionally high in moms of multiples."

What can you do to facilitate a smooth recovery? Make your health just as much a priority as the health of your babies. Force yourself to take every available opportunity to sleep - extreme exhaustion is dangerous to your physical and emotional well-being. Also keep a stream of people around you to prevent feelings of isolation, and pay close attention to any signs your body or mind might be sending you that something is wrong.

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