10 Most Unique Celebrity Baby Names

Moxie CrimeFighter and Zolten Penn Jillette

Some celebrity children are given names with moxie. Others are given the name Moxie CrimeFighter. Celebrity-magician, Penn Jillette and his wife, Emily, have two children with quite interesting names. While Zolten Penn is certainly original -- and, let's be honest, sounds very old school magician -- Moxie CrimeFighter really takes the cake. Jillette said he and his wife liked the name Moxie because, while it was first the name of a soft drink, the word later came to mean "chutzpah," a Jewish word for spunk. Jillette claims to have picked the middle name so if his daughter ever finds herself in trouble with the law, she can try the excuse that her middle name is CrimeFighter. If she's likewise inspired by her first name, she might just have the chutzpah to make that excuse work.

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