10 Tips for Traveling with Infants


Know What to Bring

Your baby's luggage may take up even more room than your own. Here are a few things you should definitely have handy:

  • The baby's birth certificate -- you'll need proof that your child is younger than 2 to ride free on a plane or train.
  • Several changes of clothes for baby and at least one for yourself in case of spit-ups or other accidents.
  • A blanket that smells of home to help ease the baby's anxiety.
  • A diaper-change pad, since you never know when you'll need it.
  • Several quart-sized zip-close bags for wet or soiled clothes.
  • Sanitizing wipes.

For air travel, don't try to stuff everything into a standard diaper bag. A full-sized carry-on gives you more room and lets you organize things more efficiently.