10 Tips for Traveling with Infants

Image Gallery: Parenting Some babies travel well; others get fussy or cry when it's least convenient for the parents. See pictures of parenting.
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Having a newborn in your home may sometimes seem like a three-ring circus. Now you're thinking of taking the show on the road? Get ready for a challenge.

The first question is this: Should you travel at all? If your baby is younger than 6 weeks old, check with your doctor. Some pediatricians discourage travel, especially by air, for infants that young. These babies are vulnerable to infection and the exposure just isn't worth the risk.

Some babies travel well, sleeping through most of the trip. Even so, things can still go wrong: You could lose your bag, run out of diapers or have to ride for hours holding a fussy baby who just won't settle down. The best strategy when the "Baby on Board" sign goes up is to be prepared for anything -- and keep your fingers crossed.

Read on to find out how a little planning and a few simple precautions can make your trip easier for you and your infant.