10 Things No One Tells You About Breast-feeding


Your Nipples May Change Color

Your body goes through countless changes during and immediately following pregnancy -- sometimes, you barely recognize yourself. Among those changes is nipple color.

Almost all pregnant women experience a darkening of the nipples (and areolas) that begins during pregnancy. It results from a hormone-triggered, temporary increase in melanin and affects other skin areas, too. The pigmentation typically starts fading once pregnancy and/or breast-feeding are over.

It can also go the other way. Nipple-blanching during breast-feeding, unlike nipple darkening, is a sign of a problem. It could indicate, among other things, a poor latch-on or a condition called Raynaud's phenomenon (which is less common). Both are fixable. Call your doctor if you notice your nipples turning white and likely feeling sore, too).

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