Top 10 Most Popular Boy Names


Aidan (or Aiden, depending on personal preference) isn't a new name, but it did seem to explode out of absolutely nowhere in the early 2000s. Since jumping to the top of the baby name charts, Aidan has spawned a handful of other popular rhyming names, such as Caiden, Jaden and Brayden (spelling varies). In fact, celebs like Britney Spears and Will Smith chose the Jayden/Jaden moniker for their own little guys.

Irish in origin, Aidan's meaning is "fiery." Although it's impossible to pinpoint beyond a shadow of a doubt, tiny Aidans started popping up en masse right around the time that the character Aidan Shaw made his debut on the popular television show "Sex and the City." Played by the ever-so-handsome and likeable John Corbett, it's no wonder the name skyrocketed in popularity and resulted in a bunch of copycat names, to boot.

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