10 Most Popular Baby Names of All Time


Robert and Elizabeth

Robert and Elizabeth make quite a strong pair, and not just as the famous English poets, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Additionally, Robert and Elizabeth could probably win a contest for the most derivatives. How many can you name off the top of your head?

  • Robert, Rob, Robbie, Robin
  • Roberto, Rupert
  • Bob, Bobby
  • Roberta, Robyn, Bobbie (for girls)
  • Bert
  • Elizabeth , Eliza
  • Lizzie, Liza, Lisa, Lizbeth, Liza Beth
  • Beth, Betty, Betsy
  • Tibby

Robert, meaning "one who is bright with fame" is indeed famous. It's the name of European kings, Civil War hero Robert E. Lee, politician Bobby Kennedy and literary giants like Robert Louis Stevenson. Today's Hollywood has plenty of Roberts with Duvall, Redford and Downey, Jr.

Elizabeth holds an impressive place in history. Biblically, it's the name of Jesus' relative and part of the famous story where John the Baptist first leaps in her womb at the arrival of Mary, pregnant with Jesus. Elizabeth I of England established an entire Elizabethan era, and other Queen Elizabeths have followed. Entrepreneur Elizabeth Arden helped women feel beautiful. And Hollywood has also had its share of Elizabeths with Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Grable, Betty White and "Bewitched's" Elizabeth Montgomery.