10 Medicines Not to Give Your Baby



Drugs and other sources of chemical contamination can be hiding in plain sight. Evamist is the trade name for an estradiol transdermal spray, an estrogen delivery system to help combat hot flashes during menopause. It's typically sprayed on the inside of the elbow or between the forearm and wrist, prime real estate for doting grandmothers who want to rock and entertain their grandbabies. The FDA sent out a safety announcement about Evamist in July of 2010, warning that children and infants exposed to the drug could experience premature puberty. Males could face breast enlargement while females could show signs of premature breast development and nipple swelling. If someone who comes in regular contact with your child is taking Evamist, she should wear long-sleeved clothing to avoid having direct skin contact with the child near the drug application site.

Evamist is one example of a medication intended for a specific purpose that can have accidental implications for your infant, your pets and other members of your family. Even a discarded nicotine patch that inadvertently comes in contact with a toddler's skin can be dangerous, so it's important to anticipate potential drug threats from conventional as well as unconventional sources.

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