10 Gadgets for Parents and Their Newborn


Baby Crying Analyzer

Why is she crying...again?
Why is she crying...again?
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A video monitoring system lets you to see and hear your baby all the time, but it's not going to tell you what he's fussing about. For that, you need a baby crying analyzer. We know, this is another one of those gadgets that might make you think of spoiled babies (or their parents), but the device is actually pretty handy. After all, unless he's got a full diaper, it's not always readily apparent what the problem is.

The analyzer reads the pitch of your little one's wailing to determine if the child is hungry, bored, stressed, sleepy or annoyed.

Sure, all of these symptoms can be handled by a bottle, a changing or a cuddle, but it's still nice to know why he's upset.