10 Gadgets for Parents and Their Newborn


Collapsible Baby Bathtubs

They may be small, but infants take up a lot of space. Almost as soon as the baby comes home, areas that used to be yours are quickly overrun with their toys, playpens and gadgets. One of the most bulkiest additions is the cumbersome baby bathtub, a necessary tool that parents not residing in a multi-story home have trouble finding a place for. This is where collapsible baby bathtubs come in.

Collapsible baby bathtubs are exactly what they sound like: a portable tub that can be folded down and kept under the bed. Some units consist of a fold-out chair that fits into the sink for washing, while others are actually little plastic or inflatable basins. All are designed to keep your baby comfortable and to save space, which is something every parent could use more of.