10 Gadgets for Parents and Their Newborn

Roller Buggy

If you're already dreading the thought of pushing a stroller for the next several years, the Roller Buggy is for you. It combines a baby stroller with a scooter -- that's right, a scooter! -- and looks a little like a skateboard with a handle.

The Roller Buggy allows metropolitan parents who'd rather roll than walk to coast past conventional Moms and Dads and their push-propelled strollers. But this gadget isn't without controversy. Although the Roller Buggy comes equipped with brakes and a seatbelt, experts still have some major safety concerns about the product. Many believe that it would be easy for speedily scooting parents and babies to collide with foot traffic -- or worse, vehicles. The product is still a concept and has yet to be approved for mass production. However, should the manufacturers incorporate additional safety measures into the design, there's a good chance that city sidewalks will be filled with speeding infants before your baby is old enough to take a stroll on his own.

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