10 Gadgets for Parents and Their Newborn


Mini Washing Machine

Even the staunchest environmentalist will turn tail for a box of disposables at the thought of placing dirty diapers in the wash. Even though most washing machines have no trouble eliminating your baby's waste (as long as you rinse the diaper first), many parents don't like the idea of cleaning their clothes in the same machine that scrubs their baby's stained bloomers.

Go miniature! There are several mini washing machines on the market that are perfectly capable of handling modest-sized diaper loads. Although they're not made for cloth diapers specifically, these little machines offer an environmentally friendly solution for poopy-paranoid parents. They're small enough to fit on a countertop, and they're easy to travel with. So when you're on the open road, your mini will save you the embarrassment (and dirty looks) of taking your baby's soiled garments to a Laundromat.