How do you give a tax-deductible donation for an international adoption?

International adoption is an expensive process, and it has to be done through an accredited adoption agency. Donations for adoptions are made through the adoption service providers. If the adoption agency is recognized as a charitable organization according to IRS regulations, the money you donate is tax-deductible. To claim a deduction, you must keep all bank statements, receipts and written communication with the organization, along with all the necessary information regarding the organization, the amount of money donated and the date. You have to itemize the deductions on your 1040 form.

If you want to give a donation for international adoption, make sure that the adoption agency is properly licensed. You cannot deduct a donation to an organization that is not qualified by the IRS.

If you want to donate to international adoptions from countries that have signed The Hague Convention, the U.S Department of State has a list of Hague Convention accredited countries and adoption agencies.