5 Things You Should Know About the Adoption Process


The Fear of an Adopted Child Seeking Out Birth Parents

The idea of a child desiring to seek out his or her birth parents can be intimidating to many prospective adoptive parents. But it doesn't have to be so - rather, it's all in the way you approach it. And the more honesty and patience you bring to the table, the better.

Adoption hasn't always been open, today's popular type of domestic adoption where the birth parents and adoptive parents agree to healthy, long-term relationships, and a sense of history and belonging may seem elusive to some adoptees.

"The reason I looked for my birthmother was because I was curious about my history. It was about finding out if there were more people like me," recalls Kate Newby, who was adopted as an infant and at age 18 found her birthmother. "I wanted her to know I'm okay, and thank you."