5 Things To Set Aside for Children Before They're Born


Things That Will be Valuable Someday

If your jewelry box isn't home to your grandmother's pearls or your great aunt's diamond solitaire, consider beginning your own heirloom tradition. For starters, you probably have a class ring crafted from platinum, yellow gold or white gold -- precious metals that increase in value over time. But if you'd rather shop for traditional jewelry, remember that a classically cut diamond pendant or ruby earrings are still likely to be in vogue 30 years from now. Looking for a more personal touch? Include a stone signifying the baby's birth month (going way past your due date may put a wrinkle in this plan).

If you're the practical type, this next bit of news may be heartening: Nursery furniture, particularly the handcrafted or hand-painted varieties, can become a functional heirloom. Your baby may not use a cradle for more than a few weeks, but, as with precious jewelry, it can also be passed down to future generations.