5 Tips for Keeping Kids Organized

#5 - In Their Homework

Color-coded notebooks and folders can be a great way to help kids keep things straightened out. Binders can also be categorized by color, and are great for holding tight to loose sheets that might otherwise become mixed up. A filing system is a must, and don't be afraid if the first one you try doesn't appeal to your child -- find out what they think. Maybe they'd prefer trays with labels like -- to do, in progress, done and waiting for Mom's signature -- or maybe they'd like something a little simpler. The point is, just keep trying until you stumble upon a system that works for everybody.

A calendar is a must for remembering due dates and other events, so encourage kids to set up a routine that involves checking their calendar on at least a daily basis. Kids' workspaces for homework should be large and uncluttered -- this means less distractions while they plug away.