5 Things You Should Know: School Transportation Safety

#4 - Biking

Biking is another option energetic kids can enjoy. But like walking, children should be warned to follow traffic laws and use caution when cars are around. Bicycle hand signals are important for letting others on the road know what you're planning, and light-colored bright or reflective clothing is a good idea.

The importance of a helmet can't be stressed enough. Kids who're concerned about helmet hair will have to take another route because helmets are an absolute necessity. Make sure the helmet fits snuggly and is appropriately adjusted. Also, it's not enough to just plunk it on -- be sure it's buckled at all times. If a helmet does go through a bad crash it should be replaced -- damage may not be visible but the structure could be weakened.

Children need to keep an eye out for instances of sketchy terrain, like potholes or cracked pavement, and if a bike lane is available they should use it. If not, they need to stay as far out of traffic as they possibly can -- but still going with the flow of traffic in their direction.