5 Things You Should Know: School Transportation Safety

#3 - Walking

Kids can really get a kick out of walking to school. Walking with friends or siblings gives them a chance to socialize, and the journey can make them feel independent and self-reliant. Plus, it's good exercise and has a number of positive health benefits.

But there are some rules kids need to follow to make sure their trip goes smooth. For example, all traffic laws must be obeyed. Kids should always pause at a curb and look left-right-left before crossing, use sidewalks and crosswalks where possible, listen to crossing guard's directions and give cars the right of way.

If there's no sidewalk, it can be a good idea to walk facing traffic -- then if a car is coming children can clearly see that they need to get out of the way. Sometimes drivers have trouble spotting kids -- they're usually small, after all -- so teach your children to use caution and never assume a car will see them and be able to stop in time if the need should arise.