5 Things You Should Know: Budget-Friendly Back-to-School Clothes

#3 - Online Avenues

There are lots of places to find clothes online -- and not just at store Web sites. Don't think you're alone in trying to find new or gently used back-to-school clothes on the cheap. There are plenty of other moms out there going through the same situation, so why not help each other out? Craigslist and eBay are the perfect places for moms to meet up and make online clothing swaps and sales. Whether you're looking to buy individual items or a whole heap of clothes for one low price, chances are good you'll find some of the items on your list pretty quick. If you're going to be looking through store Web sites, a simple internet search can tell you if any online coupons are up for grabs. Just google the name of the store and the word coupon to help you cover all the bases.