5 Cool School Tools

#4 - Back-friendly Backpacks

Finding the perfect backpack is crucial for many school-aged kids. After all, they tote it around with them every day and want it to make a cool impression. Parents are probably more concerned about the toll the pack takes on those young backs. Thankfully, there are alternatives out there to please both parties. Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to spend more cash in exchange for ergonomic quality.

To protect the back and spine, look out for packs with plenty of padding. Padded straps and back panels are good signs. Make sure that the straps fit snugly against the body, and that the backpack comes with a chest strap for added support. When wearing the backpack, it should sit higher on the back rather than straining spine by hanging down at the hips. There are also rolling backpacks to choose from, but some schools don't allow them anymore. And they might detract from that crucial cool factor that your student demands.