5 Cool School Tools

#5 - Learning Laptops

Even pre-K students can get a head start on their computing know-how with learning laptops. For less than $50, these laptoplike gadgets can reinforce the basic skills being taught in the classroom with fun, educational games and activities. In their brief history, learning laptops now come in handheld sizes with more sophisticated graphics and an extensive range of software that covers subjects including reading, math, foreign language and more. Kids can navigate through many of these models with a keyboard, electronic stylus or control pad with an interface like a video gaming system.

For middle and high school students who need word processing capabilities and Internet access, netbooks are a great option. Priced at a few hundred dollars, these mini-laptops have been grabbing tech headlines for their usefulness and affordability. In fact, some schools are starting to utilize netbooks in the classroom thanks to their budget-friendly assets.