Snow Activities

As Warm as ... Snow?

We all know snow is cold, but can it help keep you warm? Try this "As Warm as ... Snow?" activity, which will show you how to take a snowbank's temperature.

As Warm as ... Snow?

What You'll Need:

Two thermometers


Stick or branch

For this activity, you'll need to wait for a day when it's very cold (at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit or lower). Be sure to dress warmly!

Find a large snowbank and dig a small hole deep into its base. Put a thermometer in the hole. Now put a second thermometer outside the snowbank but also outside of the rays of the sun. Put a stick or branch nearby to mark the spot. Leave both thermometers overnight.

The next day, compare the two thermometers. Is there a difference in the temperatures outside and inside the snowbank?

The colder it gets outside, the bigger the difference you'll find between the two temperatures. This is because snow has the ability to insulate and protect things from even colder weather. And that's why when it gets really cold, small animals will tunnel into the snow to shelter themselves from the deep chill.

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