Snow Activities

Winter's Diamonds

If you want to make icicles, don't forget the most important ingredient: a cold winter night. In this fun winter activity, you'll learn how to make winter's diamonds.

What You'll Need:


Plastic cup



Needle or pin

How to Make Winter's Diamonds

Using a sharp pencil, poke three or four holes around the lip of a plastic cup. Tie several inches of string through each hole, then tie the ends of the strings together to make a hanger for the cup.

Use a needle or pin to poke a very small hole in the bottom of the cup. Be careful not to poke yourself.

Fill the cup with water. The water should drip very slowly out the hole in the bottom. On a cold night, before you go to bed, hang the cup outside on a branch or nail. Overnight, an icicle will form at the bottom of the cup.

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