Snow Activities

Ice Patrol

Use rock salt to help melt ice.
Use rock salt to help melt ice.

Sidewalk ice can be a serious danger for the elderly. With this fun winter activity, you can be the ice patrol and help keep them safe.

Ice Patrol

What You'll Need:

Cat litter


Rock salt


Winter snowfall means fun to most kids -- sledding, snowball fights, and frosty activities galore. But to senior citizens, winter weather means icy sidewalks and all the danger that goes with them. If you have elderly people in your neighborhood, do a weekly ice patrol to help keep them safe.

If you find a patch of stubborn ice on the sidewalk that just won't go away, ask your neighbor if you can sprinkle it with a mix of sand, rock salt, and cat litter. The rock salt will help melt the ice. The cat litter will soak up the frosty water. And the sand will help keep the ice from being slippery until the whole process kicks into action. But don't forget to ask permission first!

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