Kids Crafts That Make Great Gifts

DIY snow globes can be customized to suit the recipient.
DIY snow globes can be customized to suit the recipient.
amy.gizienski/Creative Commons

There’s more than one reason that homemade gifts are the best. Not only do they give your wallet a big break, but they also show that you care enough to put the effort into making something for a loved one. Plus they are guaranteed to melt the heart of the recipient, especially if kids are the crafters. Taking into consideration your child’s skill level, consider one or all of these fun gifts that kids can make for your next gift-giving occasion.

1. Artwork

Sometimes the most creative gifts don’t require that much instruction. Let your child create a unique piece of artwork with the recipient in mind. Whether it’s an abstract toddler finger painting or an elaborate cityscape, it will put a smile on your loved one’s face every time they see it. To make it a proper gift, frame the artwork or upload it to the computer where you can have it printed on a mug, magnet, or other novelty item.

2. Snow Globes

A snow globe is a sweet keepsake that can be kept on a desk or shelf all year long and can easily be personalized. Using any jar that seals tightly, select small or meaningful plastic objects (favorite toys, animals, and trees are good options) and affix them to the underside of the lid using super glue. Let the glue dry completely. Then fill the jar with water, as much glitter as you like, and a few drops of glycerin, and put the lid on the jar. Flip it over and you have a charming snow globe.

3. Flower Pots

Anyone who is a gardener, or who just enjoys having house plants, will appreciate a decorated flower pot. Choose whichever size pot your child can manage and have them either paint it a solid color or decoupage fabric or paper onto it using a glue sealer. Then decorate it with ribbon, buttons, or other objects. Add a plant to complete the gift.

4. Felt Coasters

No-sew coasters are easy to make and are great gifts for teachers, neighbors, and aunts or uncles. Using sticky back felt, cut 4-inch squares, one for each coaster, and then cut matching squares in coordinating colors. (You can also cut a variety of smaller shapes to create a mosaic top instead of a plain square.) Affix the felt pieces by placing the sticky sides together.

5. Block Print Kitchen Towels

You can never have too many kitchen towels, and because they get used every day the recipient of these will have a constant reminder of your child. Gather craft stamps and objects with fun textures and shapes (even sliced fruit or vegetables will work), dip the stamps in acrylic paint, and then press them onto flour sack towels. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a professional looking pattern, or how creative your kids can be when you let them go wild.

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