How to Get Started in Geocaching

Global positioning systems (GPS) have not only made our lives easier to navigate, they've made them more fun. One of the hottest new travel adventures is geocaching, pronounced geo-cashing. Geocaching is like participating in an electronic treasure hunt. Someone in the world has buried a treasure and provided you with the coordinates. Now you have to go out and find that treasure. The treasure may be buried within city limits, amongst trees or under water [source: Go Northwest]. All you need to get started is a recreational GPS and a sense of adventure [source: Extension]. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to get started in geocaching.

  1. Join an online geocaching community. All you need to do is input is your name and e-mail address. You may be required to pay a small fee for a premium membership, which will provide you with additional features and information to enrich your travel experience [source: Geocaching].
  2. Click on Hide and Seek a Cache. You will be prompted to enter your postal code. A list of hidden caches will appear along with their coordinates. Choose a cache that's located in an area that you want to discover.
  3. Enter the coordinates into your GPS and go out in search of the cache. Remember that searching for it is as much part of the experience as finding it.
  4. Locate the cache and sign the logbook hidden inside. Return the cache to its original location, to be found by someone else. Sometimes you'll find an exchange cache, where you take something and leave something for the next geocacher to find [source: Extension].
  5. Share your experience! There's an online community of geocachers who are interested in hearing about your geocaching travels and looking at your photos and videos [source: Geocaching].