How to Get Kids Excited for After-school Tutoring

Highlighting the Benefits of After-school Tutoring

Your child is sure to see numerous benefits from after-school tutoring, but the most immediate change will probably be an improvement in his grades and a better comprehension of the lessons being taught in class. It's an expected result, sure, but the first time your kid brings home a test stamped with an A, you'll be overjoyed (especially if you would've been pleased with a B or even a C).

However, it's the increased sense of self-confidence, not the grades, that will be the most significant benefit your child receives. Feeling good about his abilities is what will keep him looking forward to his tutoring sessions. Once he starts understanding the material, the frustration, anxiety and apprehension he felt about his schoolwork will disappear. Many tutored children transition from reclusive students into active class participants, and there's no reason your kid can't be one of them.

This confidence boost is often more than just academic. The uptick in attitude may also carry over into your child's social life and (dare we say it?) home life as well. If your kid is struggling in class, he may feel overwhelmed, angry and even ignorant, all of which can have an enormously negative effect on his psyche. Once he begins to understand the lessons and schoolwork, though, he'll feel self-assured and empowered --- feelings which will positively affect every other aspect of his life.

We're not promising he'll never talk back, or even start taking out the trash on a regular basis, but there's a good chance his newfound academic confidence and success will make him a happier and more agreeable person. Now, that's something to get excited about!

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