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Ultimate Guide to 'Cars'

'Cars' Scene Guide

Copyright Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved Mater confronts booted Lightning McQueen before taking him to traffic court.

One thing that makes the "Cars" DVD enjoyable is the ability for fans to repeatedly watch their favorite scenes. Download a comprehensive roadmap to the scenes of "Cars" with our "Cars" scene guide here. We show you the highlights below.

Scene One: "Dinoco 400" [9:26]. This title sequence introduces rookie race car Lightning McQueen as he psyches himself up for a big race in which he's set to challenge the current champion, The King, and Chick Hicks, who has long raced in the champ's shadow. McQueen enters the Motor Speedway racetrack to the cheers of a packed arena and effortlessly passes the competition.


Scene Two: "Victory Lane" [4:10]. McQueen maneuvers his way through a bad pile-up on the track to take the lead while The King and Chick Hicks make pit stops. McQueen decides not to enter the pit, against the advice of his own pit crew. McQueen says he doesn't need his crew and ends up blowing two tires just before he reaches the finish line, giving The King and Chick a chance to catch up. The big finish is too close to call.

Scene Three: "Rust-Eaze" [2:30]. While judges replay film footage to determine the leader, McQueen dreams of victory, and fantasizes about winning the rich Dinoco sponsorship and leaving his original Rust-Eaze sponsors in the dust. But judges announce it's a three-way tie that will be broken in a winner-take-all race in California the following week.

Scene Four: "Life Is a Highway" [3:33]. This is a montage of McQueen riding in the back of his fancy car-carrier driven by loyal Mack, the only pit crew member who hasn't deserted the pompous McQueen. They leave the speedway and hit the highway to California, with Mack driving day and night while McQueen rests in luxury. Mack gets weary, but McQueen refuses to let him regroup at a rest stop.

Scene Six: "Into Town" [2:53]. Looking for Mack and Interstate 40, McQueen mistakenly turns onto old Route 66, speeds, and is pursued by the local sheriff. As McQueen tears into the town of Radiator Springs, he makes a huge mess of things and is caught.

"Traffic Court" [4:15]. Mater tows McQueen to traffic court to face sentencing by the town judge, Doc Hudson. Sally, the sultry Porsche who left a big-city law firm for small-town life, persuades the court to sentence McQueen to community service to repair the road he wrecked.  

Scene 12: "Doc's Challenge" [4:05]. McQueen announces he's done and is going, until the town discovers he's done a horrible job that makes the road worse than it was before. Doc orders him to scrape it off and start again. They make a deal: If Doc can beat McQueen in a dirt race around the butte, he'll stay and redo the road. The race is on. Doc starts confidently, but McQueen doesn't know how to drive off-road and spins out on a turn.

Scene 13: "A New Road" [2:44]. Having lost the bet, McQueen goes back to work on the road, working all night to scrape the sloppy asphalt he laid. In the morning, the town awakens to find a beautiful, smooth blacktop running through half of the town.

Scene 16: "Tractor Tipping" [3:06]. After nightfall, Mater invites McQueen tractor tipping for some country fun. McQueen tries it by revving his engine, causing the entire tractor herd to bolt and fall over. This alerts a giant thresher that comes to chase McQueen and Mater back into town. 

Scene 17: "Backwards Driving" [3:41]. Now friends, Mater and McQueen drive back to town. McQueen reveals his crush on Sally, and Mater demonstrates his skill as "the world's best backwards driver" and dreams of flying in a helicopter someday.

Scene 19: "Doc's Piston Cups" [2:00]. On the fourth day stuck in Radiator Springs, McQueen is desperate to leave and looks for Doc at his garage. Doc's not there, but three Piston Cups are, revealing Doc's big secret: He's really the Hudson Hornet, the record-holder for the most championship race wins until his big crash. Doc is aggravated by the discovery and worries that McQueen will reveal his past.

Scene 21: "Drive With Sally" [2:00]. McQueen has never gone for a pleasure drive before. He's soon charmed by the gorgeous Southwest scenery and Sally's playful flirtation. 

Scene 27: "A New Customer" [2:36]. McQueen happily spends the whole day giving new business to everyone in town -- he gets new tires, organic gas, a paint job, and even a touristy bumper sticker. 

Scene 28: "Cruisin'" [2:32]. Having helped out everyone in Radiator Springs, McQueen has one last surprise for Sally: He fixed the old neon signs just like they were in the town's heyday. Everyone in town celebrates by cruising the main street.

Scene 29: "McQueen Is Found" [5:05]. Suddenly, police helicopters and TV news camera crews swarm the town. They've found McQueen. With mixed emotions, he says goodbye to Sally, who thanks him for bringing the town back to life. McQueen is reunited with Mack, who quickly drives him away. Sally discovers it was Doc who selfishly tipped everyone off to McQueen's location.

The Future of Cars

The theatrical release of "Cars" coincided with the celebration of Pixar's 20th anniversary, and the company's 2006 acquisition by Disney. Since Disney purchased Pixar with plans to expand its slate of sequels for Pixar film titles, it's highly likely that a new cinematic model, "Cars 2," is already revving its motor on the start line.


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