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Christmas Games: Find the Night Before Christmas

Find School Supplies

Find school supplies and silly characters in this Christmas game.
Find school supplies and silly characters in this Christmas game.

At a holiday school party, you can expect to find the usual school supplies -- and at this one, you'll find a few silly characters, too. In this game, help A. Mouse find the school gear at a Christmas party.

Enlarge the image below and play it on the monitor. Or, download this free Christmas printable game as a PDF to find crayons and glue while working on your own holiday projects.


On the night before Christmas,

every school has a party.

St. Nick is there, too,

though he is a bit tardy.

He goes straight to work

and starts filling up stockings --

The kids are still in 'em,

and that's what's so shocking!

Can you find Santa and me as we join in the good times? Can you help me find the school things?

Once you've spotted the school supplies, see if you can find these school characters.

  • The class clown
  • The teacher's pet
  • The captain of the football team
  • The prom queen
  • The head cheerleader
  • The reporter for the school newspaper
  • The gym teacher
  • The art teacher

Santa's on his way, so you'd best get ready for bed. In our next game, help A. Mouse find bedtime things for sleepy kids.

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