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Christmas Games: Find the Night Before Christmas

Find Christmas Toys

Find the odd toys in Santa's workshop in this Christmas game.
Find the odd toys in Santa's workshop in this Christmas game.

On Christmas Eve, Santa's workshop is in a tizzy. These presents have to go out tonight! Help A. Mouse find the presents that aren't coming out quite as intended in Santa's bustling workshop.

Enlarge the image below and play it on the monitor. Or, download this free Christmas printable game as a PDF to find the silly toys while you wait for Santa.


On the night before Christmas,

Santa's elves are so busy,

Just watching them rush

is making me dizzy!

I laughed as I watched them,

in spite of myself --

It's hard to say which

is the clumsiest elf!

The elves are in such a hurry, some presents aren't coming out quite right. Can you find Santa and me? Can you find the odd presents?

In Santa's workshop, the elves are really going crazy trying to finish up all the gifts. Can you find these elves?

  • An elf who has lost his marbles
  • An elf who has flipped his lid
  • An elf who's not all there
  • An elf who has gone nuts
  • An elf who is one brick short of a load
  • An elf who has become cuckoo
  • An elf who has a screw loose

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