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Christmas Games: Find the Night Before Christmas

Find Christmas Travellers

Find holiday travellers in this Christmas game.
Find holiday travellers in this Christmas game.

These holiday travellers just want to make it home for Christmas. Can you help A. Mouse find the holiday passengers?

Enlarge the image below and play it on the monitor. Or, download this free Christmas printable game as a PDF to search this bustling train with your child.


'Twas the Christmas Eve train

from Detroit to Atlanta --

But just one more stop

for me and old Santa.

Down the smokestack he went,

dressed in red head to foot,

But he came out all dusty

and covered with soot.

Can you find Santa? Then look for me and the other passengers.

Take a round-trip back to the train. Can you find these railroad items?

  • John Henry and his hammer
  • Railroad "ties"
  • Hoboes
  • A cow "catcher"
  • A roundhouse
  • A timetable
  • An iron horse
  • A golden spike

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