Christmas Games: Find Christmas Angels

Find Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is almost ready. What will the angels be eating?
Christmas dinner is almost ready. What will the angels be eating?

The chef angel has been working away to prepare everyone's favorite treats to eat at Christmas. Whether the little helpers at your house need an activity while the chef works, or your family needs some fun to have together, this Christmas game is just right. Guide your kids to the instructions below the picture so they can get started.

When you're ready to play, you can enlarge the image on your computer screen and start the fun right away, or you can download this free printable Christmas game as a PDF and play while you're waiting for dinner -- even if the meal is a car ride away.

Family, friends, food, and fun! Christmas dinner has got to be the best meal of the year, even though it is a lot of work. Explore this picture and first find the chef angel. Then find the special holiday treats she prepared.

Hungry for more?

The angels at the Christmas dinner love to sing after their meal. See if you can find these Christmas carol items back at the party.

  • Two turtle doves
  • A red-nosed reindeer
  • A little drum
  • An old silk hat
  • A curly-haired doll
  • Dad’s Christmas tie
  • A "Harold" angel
  • A one-horse open sleigh

By the time you've found all the angels' missing items, Christmas will practically be here! Happy holidays and happy searching.

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