Christmas Games: Find Christmas Angels

Find Teacher Angels

Find Emmett, his angel friends, and their teachers at the Angel School.
Find Emmett, his angel friends, and their teachers at the Angel School.

Even angels look forward to Christmas vacation! Searching for students and teachers at the Angel School with this fun Christmas game will help everyone pass the time until Christmas vacation arrives. Begin by having the kids take a look at the special message from Emmett Angel below.

When you're ready to play, you can enlarge the image on your computer screen and start the fun right away, or you can download this free printable Christmas game as a PDF and play anywhere -- even on the way to school.

Hello there! My name’s Emmett the angel, and I’m on my way to school. It’s the last day before Christmas vacation, and it’s hard to say who’s more excited -- the students or the teachers. I do know one thing, though, I can’t wait for that final bell to ring! See if you can find me in this crowd and then look for some of my favorite people at the school.

If you're extra observant:

You may have noticed that some of the students at the Angel School brought some things to play with after school. See if you can find them all:

  • A baseball and bat
  • A football
  • A water pistol
  • Two jump ropes
  • Roller skates
  • Three bicycles
  • A skateboard
  • A pogo stick

Ready for the next challenge? Visit the angels' greenhouse and help them find their gardening tools on the next page.

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