DIY Family Games: The Dictionary Game and More


If you’ve got pencils, pens, and a place to sit and write, then round up your family for a game of what Family Game Treasurehouse calls “Guggenheim” (we didn’t know it had an official name!). Here’s how it works: Make a chart with five categories going down the page and one word going across the top, and hand a copy out to each player. The idea is to find one word in each category that starts with each letter in the word you chose. For example, if you’re playing at the holidays and you choose the word “Santa,” and your first category is U.S. states, you could fill in South Dakota, Alabama, New Mexico, Texas, and Arkansas. But there’s one catch: if another player chooses the same word that you do, neither of you gets a point for it (or, in a variation, you get one point for any correct answer and two points if no one else chooses it). This is a game that’s easy to customize for your family since the categories and the word can be literally anything: category ideas could include animals, names of family members, movie titles, song lyrics, television show characters, superheroes, or vacation spots, and the top word could be holiday-related, the birthday boy’s name, the name of the current month, or whatever else comes to mind (try supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for an extra challenge!).

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