Rained Out? Bring the Campout Indoors

Setting Up Your Indoor "Campsite"

Pick a cozy spot in your house -- the living room, den or rec room -- to set up your campsite. Push the furniture away from the walls to make space. If you have a tent, and it's not too big for the room, set it up; otherwise, you can use other furniture to create a lean-to. Try using couch cushions or chairs to set up a frame, and then drape blankets over it. A rug or blanket can help pad the floor. Roll out your sleeping bags inside the tent, and you've got snug accommodations for camping.

Of course, there aren't any floor lamps in the woods, so turn off all the lights -- but you'll want to make sure there are plenty of flashlights to go around. A campfire is an ideal source of light in the wilderness, though it's not exactly practical for an indoor setting. If you have a fireplace or woodstove, you've got a head start. For those with a non-working fireplace, consider setting up candles in the hearth to create the same kind of effect. No fireplace? No problem. You can bring some of your other camping gear indoors to set the stage. Battery-operated camping lanterns are great for illuminating both indoor and outdoor campsites. Or, in a pinch, you can use a small, low-wattage lamp. Place the lantern or lamp in the center of your campsite, and gather around for a rainy-day camp fire.

Now that you've got your indoor campsite squared away, see the next page for fun activity ideas.