Bird-Watching Projects for Kids

A Day in the Life Bird-Watching Project

A Day in the Life Bird-Watching Project
A Day in the Life Bird-Watching Project

Discover how birds spend their days by creating this bird-watching project.

What You'll Need:

  • Reference book about birds
  • Index cards
  • Pen
  • Markers
  • Stapler

From the tiny hummingbird to the giant ostrich, there are a lot of different kinds of birds in the world. And they all have different habitats. Seagulls and pelicans live along water shores. Penguins live in cold, arctic regions. You can find many strange and colorful types of birds (like the toucan) in rain forests and tropical islands. Even large cities can be home to sparrows, pigeons, doves, and many other varieties of birds. What kind of birds live near you?

Get some books on birds out of the library, study them, and pick out your favorite variety of bird. Afterwards, write a mini-book on a day in the life of this bird.

Use an index card for each page of your book. Start by drawing a cover on the first index card (put your name as the author). Then write an interesting fact about the bird on each card. Don't forget to leave room for illustrations; include pictures of the bird's shape, nest, and habitat.

What does your bird eat? Is it most active during the day or at night? Where does it live? When all of your pages are done, staple them together.

Now that you have your list of bird habits, take a stab at mimicking their voices. Keep reading for more great bird-watching projects for kids.

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