Bird-Watching Projects for Kids

Bird Migration Bird-Watching Project

The Bird Migration Bird-Watching Project will help you follow the spring and fall bird migrations in your area.

What You'll Need:

  • Binoculars
  • Bird manual for your area
  • Notebook
  • Pencil or pen

If you live in the middle of one of the major flyways, you're in a great place to watch the annual bird migrations. Even if you're not near a flyway, you may still spot birds migrating through your area. Flyways are simply where the birds concentrate. Because many migratory birds are attracted to wetlands, locate a marsh, pond, or lake in your area. Find a place near the water where you can watch birds. Use binoculars for a better look. A good bird manual can help. Some of the most common migratory water birds you'll find all over the United States are Canada geese, pintail ducks, mallard ducks, and red-winged blackbirds.Take notes about the birds you see. You'll probably see a lot more species during the migratory season than at other times. Some birds will stay all year. Others are just passing through. Notice also which birds migrate to your area to stay a season. You may have heard that geese fly south for the winter and north for the summer. But watch what happens in your area. People in certain areas are puzzled when they see geese flying all directions in their area all winter long. They expect the geese to "fly south for the winter," but where geese end up may be as far "south" as they fly. The flocks will remain all winter before returning to their nesting grounds in Canada and Alaska.Continue reading for a bird-watching project that will have you speaking in bird-like tongues.For more fun crafts and bird-watching activities, check out: