Bird-Watching Projects for Kids

Bird 'Collection' Bird-Watching Project

Bird "Collection" Bird-Watching Project
Bird "Collection" Bird-Watching Project

Collect birds without even catching them with the Bird "Collection" Bird-Watching Project.

What You'll Need:

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Field guide to birds
  • Local bird checklist from Audubon Society (optional)

Begin with a small notebook or blank book that you can carry around. Reserve the first few pages for a running list of all the different birds you see. Use field guides and local bird checklists to help you identify birds in your area.

Each time you add a bird to your list, make a page for that bird. Draw its picture using the field guide to help you. Note where you saw the bird, what time of year, and what the bird was doing.

Describe its song. Write down some interesting facts about the bird. Each time you see that bird again you can add more information to the page.

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