Bird-Watching Activities for Kids

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Owl Eyes Activity

Is your night vision as good as an owl's?
Is your night vision as good as an owl's?

Can an owl really see better than you at night? Try this owl eyes activity and shed some light on your night vision.

What You'll Need:

  • Binoculars

When it's almost dark, go outside and try your best to see. (Go to an area where there are no outdoor lights.) Pay attention to how much you can see: the outline of a tree or house? a cat moving?


Now, look through binoculars. Can you see more?

You can see better through binoculars because they take in more light than your eyes can. But even with binoculars, you're no match for an owl. Owls' eyes take in about 100 times more light than yours, so they can see quite well at night.

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