Bird-Watching Activities for Kids

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Warm Bird's Nest Activity

Can you keep these eggs nice and warm?
Can you keep these eggs nice and warm?

It may look easy to be a mother bird. After all, all they do is sit, right? Wrong. Experts say bird embryos undergo 42 different stages of growth inside the egg. If the mother doesn't turn and care for each egg, the chick might not survive.

So if you've ever wondered what it takes to change a nest full of eggs into baby birds, check out this warm bird's nest activity and find out by warming a nest of your own!


What You'll Need:

  • Large "nest" of straw or leaves
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Companion

Make a nest out of straw and leaves and then sit still on a few plastic eggs of your own. Keep all the eggs warm to the touch. Turn them all over at least once or twice an hour.

And don't forget, you'll need a friend or pretend bird mate to bring you food and give you potty breaks if you're going to pull this experiment off.

Sit for three or four hours to get an idea of how much it takes to raise a baby bird. You'll understand just how important a mother bird is to her unborn babies.

Raising Chicks

Not all birds raise their babies the same way. In some species of birds, both mothers and fathers take care of the little ones, but most birds rely more on the female to handle the rearing and the male to find food.

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