Bird-Watching Activities for Kids

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Feather Down Activity

Can you stay as warm as this little fellow?
Can you stay as warm as this little fellow?

How warm are our feathered friends? Try this feather down activity and see for yourself.

What You'll Need:

  • Down jacket or comforter
  • Regular jacket or comforter

It's hard to believe feathers keep a bird so warm even when rain falls


and snow flies. You can find out how it works by wrapping yourself in down. What is down? In simple terms, down is a layer of feathers.

On a bird, down is the term for its fluffy little feathers, rather than its long, spiny quills. In coats and bedspreads, down is a stuffing of small feathers, whether fluffy or not.

No matter what the definition, the way down works remains the same. Layers of natural feathers hold warmth in. So wrap up warmly in a down jacket or bedspread (ask permission before you use the bedspread) and head out into a frosty winter day.

Stand in the cold for a few minutes. Now go inside and change into a regular jacket or wrap up in an ordinary cotton blanket. Spend a few moments in the same cold. Which wrap kept you warmer? Nine times out of ten, down will win.

Goin' South

In the winter, most birds migrate to warmer temperatures -- in the United States, that means they go hundreds or even thousands of miles toward the south, where down coats aren't needed.

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