5 Best Family Fitness Activities


Fitness for a Clean House

Chores might make your family groan and scatter, but if you're all looking to get fit, it may be time to give these daunting tasks a fresh look. All seasons have something to offer in terms of a workout.

During the summertime, how about washing the cars – and pairing that with a water fight? Or anyone up for a little leaf raking competition in the fall?

If you live in a locale with cold winters, shoveling snow can be a good excuse for the family to get outside for a spell -- and all that work will have everyone warm in a hurry. It doesn't hurt to take a break for an invigorating snowball fight either.

For those of you in warmer climes, there's always vacuuming, sweeping and mopping to be done. Make it more fun by adding a cleaning soundtrack to your family iPod.

Granted, these ideas are all about cleaning, which may leave some feeling a little like Cinderella, but they're healthy activities that will leave the house, yard and your family looking great.