10 Things Tweens Actually *Want* to Do After School


Visit the Community Center

Does your community center offer art classes?
Does your community center offer art classes?
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If you're lucky enough to have a community center in town, take advantage of it! It's one of the best resources you have for your tween for the after school hours. Community centers are public places where kids and teens can gather for supervised play and activities. Sometimes they're faith-based -- run by a church or synagogue -- and sometimes the town runs them, public to all.

You can find many tween-friendly activities at a local community center:

  • Supervised homework sessions
  • Athletics
  • Video games
  • Computer access
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Arts and crafts

Your tween might bring his or her own friends along to the community center, or he or she might use the center to make new friends. Either way, it's a great place for your tween to socialize and stay engaged in the community at the same time.